Hiebels In Bohemia Part 3: Martin Hübl

In Parts 1 and 2 of Hiebels in Bohemia, I explained how I traced trace my 4th great grandfather back to Bohemia, by finding a similar Joseph Hiebel on another family tree and proving that they were the same person.  At this point, Sunny and I began to trace Joseph’s ancestry back in the church records.

The tree Sunny posted had already shown that the parents of Joseph were Martin Hübl and Anna Maria Braun, which was also visible on the birth record for Joseph.  It also showed that his father was another Martin Hübl who was married to a Susanna Vogltanz, and they had several children.  What made me curious was that Joseph’s dad Martin had no birth or death date.  Upon looking for this, I would make an interesting discovery.

What was the problem?  How did I solve it?  What Next?

  • The Problem:

Church Records: This dilemma would lead to my first real discovery within the church books. I began to discuss my introduction to this type of research in the last chapter, however did not have time to fully explain it.  This was far different than simply searching for indexed and typed out information on sites like Ancestry or FamilySearch (which on its own can be difficult).  These were 200 (and later 400) year old records which had poor penmanship, faint writing, cursive letters, and were in German (and later Latin).  Finding any record at all (much less than many) can be extremely difficult.

No Birth/Death Records: The specific problem at the start simply seemed to be that Martin’s birth and death were not recorded on Sunny’s tree. I figured that she simply had not found them yet, however when we searched the Klein Schneiderhof records, there was no birth or death record for a Martin that was the son of Martin and Susanna, yet we found the births of all their other children.

Hypothesis: Just like with his son Joseph, I started to wonder if these two Martins were the same person. It seemed unlikely since the older Martin was born in 1762.  This would have made him 59 years older than Joseph.  Also, the Martin born in 1762 had a son named Joseph born in 1802, who had a son named Joseph born in 1823 (November, six months apart from my Joseph).

  • How I Solved It:

Marriage Record: While my hypothesis seemed unlikely due to age difference, the lack of a birth record did support my theory. If I was correct, Martin’s first wife would have been Susanna and his second would have been Anna Maria.  The only way I would be able to prove both Martins were the same person was to find the marriage record of Martin and Anna Maria.  My Joseph was born in 1823, so they would have (most likely) been married in 1822 or a couple years earlier.  Sure enough, I found an 1822 marriage record for a Martin Hübl age 58 to an Anna Maria Braun!  My hypothesis was indeed correct.  My 5th great grandfather was Martin Hübl born in 1762, and his son Joseph Hiebel was my 4th great grandfather born in 1823, the two of them being 59 years apart!

Kaltenbrunn: At this point I started to wonder who my 6th great grandfather was. Another thing I began to understand at this point was that Klein Schneiderhof was actually two farmhouses on the outskirts of a village named Schneiderhof, which is where Sunny’s ancestors primarily lived.  Schneiderhof is one of several villages in the Vseruby parish.  When we were unable to find a 1762 birth for Martin in Schneiderhof, Sunny looked in the surrounding villages and found a Martin Hübl son of Wolfgang Hübl born 1762 in Kaltenbrunn.

  • What Next?

On Part 4 of Hiebels in Bohemia, I take a step back before searching for Wolfgang in Kaltenbrunn.  I still needed to find the undeniable concrete proof to confirm these were my ancestors that I was unable to find in Part 2.

Martin Birth

Birth Record and index for my 5th great grandfather, Martin Hübl 

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