Hiebels In Bohemia Part 4: Anna Kelnhofer

Back in Part 2 of Hiebels in Bohemia, I found evidence to help support my hypothesis that the Joseph Hübl in Sunny’s tree was the same person as my 4th great grandfather; Joseph Hiebel.  The only evidence I found besides similar names and birthdates was a date in 1847 that could have indicated a marriage.

In Part 3 I found Joseph’s Grandfather Wolfgang, but how was I able to confirm with absolute certainty that he was my 6th great grandfather?  Before I could go any further; I knew that I had to find the marriage record for him and his wife Anna, as well as birth records for their 3 children.

What was the problem?  How did I solve it?  What Next?

  • The Problem:

The main piece of evidence that I found to help support my hypothesis besides the 1847 date was Anna’s obituary.  In Part 2 I explained that she was born NEAR Kdyne, which I mistook for saying IN.  Because of this, I was not able to find a birth record for her in the Kdyne village records.  I was hoping her maiden name would be mentioned in the obituary, but it wasn’t.  The only birthdate I saw was on the same Kewaunee text burial file that had a slightly incorrect birthdate for Joseph.  It also said she was born in September 1829, when every other record said she was born in 1827.  I figured that the correct birthdate was around September 1827.

  • How I Solved It:

Birth and Wedding: A custom in many of these Bohemian villages was that the wedding took place in the bride’s home village. I knew if this was the right Joseph, I would find both a birth record for an Anna in September 1827 and a marriage for a Joseph Hübl and an Anna in May 1847.

NEAR Kdyne: I wasn’t able to begin my new breakthrough until Sunny finally read Anna’s obituary, and pointed out to me that she wasn’t born in the village of Kdyne itself. This goes to show how thinking outside of the box can help us in situations when we are dead set on a certain fact being true.  It also shows us how relooking at information we already have can lead to new clues.  By discovering my mistake, I was able to now realize why I had not found anything in the Kdyne records.

Hluboka: The problem now became if she wasn’t born in Kdyne, then where? Finding the village I was looking for would be a needle in a haystack.  With my luck, however, I found it within 5 minutes of searching.  Just as Klein Schneiderhof and Kaltenbrunn were in the Vseruby parish, many other villages were in the Kdyne parish.  I began to search all the villages in the Kdyne parish knowing this alone would be a needle in a haystack.  The first one I clicked on was Hluboka, and sure enough in September of 1827 there was a birth for an Anna Kelnhofer!  Upon finding this, I immediately searched the weddings for 1847.  This is when I found exactly what I was looking for.  On May 25th, 1847, there was a marriage for Joseph Hübel and Anna Kelnhofer.  Now having the concrete proof I needed, I went back to the later births and found records for Thomas in 1849 and Anna in 1859.  This was, without a doubt, my family!

  • What I Learned/What Next?

What I learned from this discovery tied up several loose ends for me.  I now knew that Joseph was born in Klein Schneiderhof, Anna was born in Hluboka, and Joseph moved to Hluboka to marry Anna.  Typically couples in this region would be married in the wife’s village and live in the man’s, however at the time of his wedding both of his parents had passed.  So Joseph moved to Anna’s home village of Hluboka, which is also where his children were born.  I found the birth records for Thomas Hiebel and his sister Anna (Ramesh), however I still have not been able to find one for his other sister Mary (Sticka).

On Part 5 of Hiebels in Bohemia, I finally go back to my discovery of Wolfgang and begin to trace his ancestors in Kaltenbrunn.  I will face a new challenge when finding two people with the same name living in the same village, as well as the records changing from German to Latin.

Anna Kelnhofer

Birth record of my 4th great grandmother, Anna Kelnhofer

Joseph Anna Marriage

Marriage record for Joseph Hübel and Anna Kelnhofer


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