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Sam is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Sam Edward Hiebel is the professional genealogist for Roots Dig.  He currently resides in Loves Park, Illinois, with a Bachelor’s Degree in history and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  He is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, and has conducted genealogical research for almost a decade.  Sam is of German, Greek, Czech, Scottish, Irish, English, French, Dutch, Swiss, and Danish descent.

Sam currently resides in Loves Park, IL


His greatest personal genealogical discoveries include:

  • Visiting the ancestral villages of his direct paternal line in Bavaria and Bohemia that he traced back to the early 1600’s in church books written in German and Latin
  • Tracking down the biological family of his adopted maternal grandmother and reuniting her with living descendants
  • Recovering family heirlooms and photos of 2nd and 3rd great grandparents from long lost relatives
  • Deciphering vital records written in Greek script pertaining to his maternal grandfather’s family, who was born in Greece

In addition to his own accomplishments, Sam has also conducted genealogical research for friends and other clients in the past.  He specializes in many various methods for genealogical research, spanning over many geographical locations.  This provides him with the ability to answer a broad range of genealogical research questions.

His greatest specialties include:

  • United States: Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania
  • International: German, Austrian, Czech, German-Bohemian, and Greek ancestry
  • Adoption Research
  • Living Relative/Descendant Research
  • Transcribing German and Latin Church Books
  • And Much More!

Sam also has exceptional research analysis skills. By combining his in depth understanding of American and European history and geography, proficiency with the latest technologies, and outside of the box thinking, he is equipped with a unique advantage that allows him to discover information that is hard to find and properly determine its validity.

When Sam is not conducting genealogical research or working at his day job in advertising sales, he spends much of his spare time at the gym, studying European history, learning about new technology, traveling to different states and countries, and following current events.


Sam in Hluboka, Czech Republic (Birthplace of his direct paternal 3rd Great Grandfather) on August 22nd, 2015


Sam in Freeport, Illinois with his grandmother (bottom center) mother (bottom left), and aunt (top left), as his grandmother meets her biological 1st cousins for the first time on August 3rd, 2014


Sam in Schachten, Germany (Birthplace of his direct paternal 8th and 9th Great Grandfathers) on August 22nd, 2015


Sam in Mytilini, Samos, Greece (Birthplace of his maternal grandfather) in 2012


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