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This is our main service here at Roots Dig.  Whether you are new to genealogy and need assistance, an expert yourself who has reached a brick wall, or have a busy schedule, we are here to answer any research question you may have!

Sam, our professional genealogist, accepts all standard, advanced, and even the most difficult cases at only $20.00 per hour!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Sam with your inquiry via email at: sam@rootsdig.com 
  2. Provide as much information as possible related to your research question.
  3. Decide upon the primary goal and hours needed for research with Sam.
  4. Sam will create a research contract for your signature.
  5. Provide retainer fee of $50.00 to cover first 2.5 hours of research.
  6. Sam will conduct the research, and will reach out with status updates along the way.
  7. Once completed, you will receive a final research report.

What all information is required, essential, and/or important to provide Sam with during your Free Consultation?

If possible, please provide the full names, birth dates, birth locations, death dates, and death locations (if known) of the person/s to be researched, along with the same information for their immediate family (parents, siblings, spouses, children).  While even the smallest amounts of information can lead Sam to uncovering great discoveries, providing all known information or as much as possible helps to ensure quicker and more accurate results.

How many hours of research should you hire Sam for?

While cases many vary in length, we strongly recommend that clients sign up for a minimum of 10 hours to ensure Sam is provided with enough time to properly answer their research question.

What all is included in the final research report?

Final research reports include a full list of documented research time, a full report detailing the positive and/or negative findings of the research, a case analysis, suggestions for future research, and a complete list of new records and documents found.


If you are interested in hiring Roots Dig, please send an email to sam@rootsdig.com

For all general inquiries, please contact us at rootsdiggenealogy@gmail.com

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