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Hello Everybody!

I am finally back to blogging once again for Roots Dig, as we finally completed the launch of our brand new website design early last week!  We have been very busy this past year despite our hiatus, however don’t expect us to leave again anytime soon…the Roots Dig Team has many things expected to launch in the coming months!

Anyways, this will be the first in a series of blog posts from me titled “Tips & Tricks”.  While I taught many of my professional genealogy researching skills by example of researching my own personal ancestry in the previous series titled “Sam’s Stories” (which I have plans to write ALL NEW posts for within the next couple months), I wanted to create this series to provide additional helpful and informative assistance to all who conduct genealogy research.

Topics for “Tips & Tricks” will include:

  • Website Reviews & Helpful Links
  • DNA Testing & Analysis
  • Geography & Maps
  • Proper Record Analysis
  • Mistakes To Avoid
  • And More!

Stay tuned for future posts in “Tips & Tricks”!

Written by Sam

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